OPI Italian Love Affair

OPI Italian Love Affair COVERSome days I just REALLY miss Italy. It clouds my judgment and I end up doing silly things. Like binging on margarita pizza and red wine and digging Italian Love Affair out of my Melmer.

Italian Love Affair is a very light yet bright pink with an almost frosted finish. This polish was released as part of the OPI Spring 2000 Italian collection and one thing is certain, this polish does feel a bit dated.

The formula is a bit of a pain. It’s thin so it needs to be applied carefully. I used 3 coats in my swatches.

This is a polish that, under any normal circumstances, I wouldn’t buy. Or wear. But with a name like Italian Love Affair how could I resist? It’s impossible to go to Italy and not have some kind of love affair; whether it be with the country or the food or the wine or a very charming Italian man.

Italian Love Affair is part of the OPI Classics collection so it can be found at Ulta and, of course, on Amazon. It’s worth  noting when I originally bought this polish it was $7.50. The label is still on the bottle.

As always, there are swatches under the jump!


OPI Italian Love Affair OPI Italian Love Affair swatch OPI Italian Love Affair MACRO


  1. Pretty. The color in combination with the slightly frosty finish give it such a retro vibe… very 60’s and 70’s… not that that’s a bad thing… I dig it, it’s far out. LOL.

  2. Funny! Can’t wait to read the Sunday post! My personal feeling on wearing “dated” or retro looking nail polish is this: If you were actually old enough to be wearing nail polish at the time that the look was popular, then DON’T wear the look, otherwise you will simply look like you are stuck in a time warp, LOL, which is quite aging. But if you can’t even remember the look being popular, then go for it!… because in that case you will look oh so mod and cool. A perfect example is coral and mauve (cream-finish) nail polish… on women my age those shades just looks terribly dated and “old lady-ish,” but on younger women it looks adorable. Just my own opinion.

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