SinfulColors Pumpkin Spice

SinfulColors Pumpkin Spice COVERPumpkin Spice, not the nail polish, has become quite a talked about subject. There’s the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. And, of course, the gazillion limited edition pumpkin spice flavored everything at the grocery store. And now we have Pumpkin Spice, the delicious glitter top coat from SinfulColors.

From what I can gather from the interwebs this is not the first time SinfulColors has released Pumpkin Spice. It was part of this year’s Halloween display and it might just be my favorite Pumpkin Spice thing ever.

Pumpkin Spice is a mix of small(ish) gold and red glitter suspended in a clear base. This is very similar to China Glaze Electrify.

The formula is wonderful. I used one coat in my swatches over SinfulColors Citrine.

I was actually surprised how much I liked this. It oddly toned down my orange base coat and also pumped it up and made it more season appropriate at the same time.

There are, of course, swatches under the jump. I wore this manicure to an Auburn watch party so I do have an accent nail (butter LONDON Royal Navy topped with SinfulColors Hottie).


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SinfulColors Pumpkin Spice SinfulColors Pumpkin Spice swatch SinfulColors Pumpkin Spice bottle


  1. I love this color; I bought it myself a year or so ago. I was really wanting to get my hands on their new Halloween collection, but I had yet to see it appear at my Wal-green’s anywhere… come to think of it, they are always a season behind with regards to nail polish where I’m at.

  2. This reminds me of Gilded from the 2013 holiday collection but it looks like it has more red glitter. Too bad this can’t be a polish that could be all on its own. A rich gold with red and gold glitter like that would be fantastic for fall.

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