Avon Stardust Nail Enamel Silver Crystals COVERAvon is one of my favorite brands. They make my favorite hand cream along with  my daily body lotion and eye makeup remover. So on occasion when I’m flipping through a catalog I’ll run across nail polish I just have to try (that’s how I discovered my much loved Avon Gel Finish polishes!). Most recently that landed Silver Crystals in my collection.

Silver Crystals is part of the Avon Stardust Nail Enamel line. These polishes are said to crystallize your nails for a textured, 3-D effect. I mean really, how could I resist! I want to crystallize my nails.

As it turns out I’m glad I didn’t resist because I adore this nail polish.

Silver Crystals is a bit of a deceiving name as this polish isn’t a straight silver. In fact, Silver Crystals is a super blingy very pale purple textured polish. I was immediately obsessed with this polish. The finish is gorgeous. It’s metallic AND textured. That makes for an eye catching manicure.

The formula was fantastic. It was easy to work with and I only needed 2 coats.

This is a polish I can see getting a ton of use out of during the holiday season. It’s festive and dries really fast (a wonderful benefit of textured polishes).

The Stardust Nail Enamel polishes are available from your Avon lady (I love my Avon lady!), avon.com or on eBay.

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  1. AngieSue says:

    The finish is gorgeous! I’m popping over to Avon to check out their new stuff. My grandmother sold Avon back in the 70s. They had this lovely bayberry home spray that was fantastic.

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