deborah lippmann Magic Carpet Ride

deborah lippmann Magic Carpet Ride coverFirst there was Essie Belugaria. Then there was China Glaze There’s Snow One Like You. And now, to finish out our trio of potentially gorgeous polishes gone totally wrong, we have deborah lippmann Magic Carpet Ride.

This polish is from deborah lippmann’s Holiday 2014 limited edition Fantastical Collection. The collection contains 6 polishes that are, as deborah lippmann described, unexpected.

Magic Carpet Ride is certainly unexpected. This polish looks absolutely GORGEOUS in the bottle. And deborah lippmann’s description; a galaxy of exploding glitter cut into the shapes of diamonds, circles and hexagons, certainly sounds amazing. And then the dream comes crashing back down to earth.

This polish has a bunch of glitter in an ebony jelly base. Honestly, at first I thought this was going to be what I wanted Essie Belugaria to be. But, like Belugaria, this polish is an absolute disaster on the nail. The glitter sticks together. It’s chunky. Pieces of the glitter stick up on the nail (even after applying a thick top coat) and kept getting caught in my hair.

I used two coats of Magic Carpet Ride and applied a thick top coat. I was determined to wear this polish. That lasted about half an hour before I had to take it off. Aside from all the other issues, this just didn’t look nice on the nail. Because the formula is so chunky it looked messy.

Magic Carpet Ride is certainly a unique polish BUT if you want something galaxy-like in a bottle check out OPI Comet In The Sky.

Obviously I’m disappointed in this polish and deborah lippmann. My favorite glitter polish on the planet (Va Va Voom) is by deborah lippmann. They put out some fabulous glitter polishes unfortunately, Magic Carpet Ride just isn’t up to deborah lippmann standards. Plus, this polish retails for $20.

If you just absolutely HAVE to try this polish I’d recommend picking it up from Sephora. That way if you find that you have the same difficulties I had, you can take it back.

In brighter news, the next polish I’m going to review from this collection (Xanadu) is AMAZING. Hopefully Magic Carpet Ride was just an anomaly.

If you’d like to see this disaster in action check out the swatches under the jump.


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  1. That is so unfortunate. I love Lippmann for her unique yet wearable colors, elegant “grown up” glitters, pretty bottle, and great formaldehyde-free formula. But her brand is so spendy that I always have to wait for a sale or experience guilt when purchasing… let’s hope this polish was just a weird fluke, because if her quality control is going downhill, I will not be taking a chance on her future polishes… so many brands out there have equally great colors and formulas at half the price. .

  2. Aww, that is too bad. You know what’s funny, months ago my Sally’s had a BOGO on their clearance polishes, so I got There’s Snow One Like You for free, even after I had read your post on it. All the good polishes had been picked through, lol. I may try layering it over white like some people suggested.

    1. Yes, the infamous freezer burn polish. I still have that polish sitting out thinking I’ll try it again but it just never happens. I am seriously scared from the first attempt!

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