Nail Art: Essie Criss Cross Manicure

Essie Criss Cross Nail ArtI can’t remember exactly how I came across this video from essie; it may have been in an email or I may have just been browsing essie’s website. But either way, I could NOT get the look out of my head. I had to recreate it.

In the video essie uses Sand Tropez and Wicked but I wanted to use my 2 absolute favorite recent releases from essie; Urban Jungle and Fall In Line.

This criss cross nail art (as essie is calling it) is super easy to recreate. I started with Urban Jungle as my base. Then using a brush from my eBay nail art set I added the lines creating 2 X’s. Fall In Line is opaque enough that I only had to touch up the lines in a few places.

I was, quite honestly, obsessed with this manicure. It’s so chic and season appropriate!

I wore this to the annual Mallard Creek Barbecue (a big event here in Charlotte) and I got so many compliments on my nails. One lady even asked me where I get my nails done (I told her my house!).

If you haven’t picked up Urban Jungle and Fall In Line yet I highly recommend you add them to your collection. Urban Jungle is available on as well as Amazon. Fall In Line can be found on Amazon.

There are a couple more swatches under the jump!


Essie Criss Cross Nail Art Fall In Line and Urban Jungle Essie Criss Cross Nail Art Urban Jungle and Fall In Line


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