OPI Comet In The Sky

OPI Comet In The Sky COVERThis year’s OPI celebrity holiday collaboration is with the one and only Gwen Stefani. The collection is in 2 parts; a 12 piece holiday collection and a 6 piece nail effects collection. I picked up First Class Desires from the holiday collection and LOVED it. But I have to say, Comet In The Sky from the nail effects part of the collaboration is even better as it is a truly unique polish.

OPI’s description of Comet in the Sky is nothing but creative:

Iridescent beams and midnight black create cosmic art in this glitter.

But that certainly doesn’t tell the whole story! Comet in the Sky has small and large black glitter, as well as small and large iridescent glitter all suspended in a clear base.

If a polish has black glitter I’m sold. But the addition of the iridescent glitter works so well with the black glitter. I just love it.

I’ve used this over several polishes (Comet in the Sky is strictly a top coat) and I really loved it over deborah lippmann Chasing Pavements and OPI Brand New Skates. I am not a fan of this over a dark base.

There are SO MANY swatches under the jump.

Comet in the Sky is available at Ulta.


OPI Comet In The Sky OPI Comet In The Sky swatch deborah lippnmann Chasing Pavements and OPI Comet In The Sky OPI Brand New Skates and OPI Comet In The Sky OPI Brand New Skates and OPI Comet In The Sky swatch OPI Comet In The Sky MACRO OPI Comet In The Sky bottle OPI Comet In The Sky label


  1. Oooh…aaah! I want that! I liked it over all three tones, light medium and dark. You’re wearing it with shades that had not occurred to me! Is it a black-ish jelly base? It looks really dark. Or is that the black glitter making it look black in the bottle?

    Did you find you had to fish for the big glitter? I find some glitter polishes are more ‘work’ than others.

    I figured it would be strictly a topcoat, but I’m surprised to hear that you are unimpressed with it on a dark base. Is it because one would need many coats to get the ‘look’? I suppose the black glitter is lost on black polish…

    Thank you for reviewing this polish; I’ve been checking every day! 🙂

    1. The base is totally clear.

      I certainly didn’t fish for the large glitter but, as you can see in my swatches, there isn’t large glitter on every nail. And the reason I don’t like it over a dark base is because you lose the black glitter which is what I love so much about this polish 🙂

  2. We’ll I’m sold. Now I have to find a review of it’s opposite, SnowGlobetrotter. White glitter with hologlitter. There’s also one called So Elegant which is black and grey big glitter, I thought of you Alli with that one :would look lovely over an Asian jade or a creamy gray.

    I don’t suppose SnowGlobetrotter or So Elegant are on your to do list? BTW Thank you for the advice you provide.B-)

    1. I thought about getting So Elegant but ultimately decided against it. I just liked the way Comet in the Sky looked better.

      As for Snow Globetrotter it is DEFINITELY on my list. Now that we are through Halloween I can start focusing on holiday polishes!

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