Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen (+ Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Witch-ful Thinking)

Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen CoverWith Halloween just around the corner Halloween collections are out in force! This, of course, thrills me greatly simply because there is nothing better than Halloween.

Sally Hansen released 4 Halloween themed Insta-Dri polishes; Pumpkin Queen, Scaredy Matte, Omghost and Night Fright.

Pumpkin Queen is the perfect pumpkin orange creme. And the formula is perfect to boot. I used 2, easy coats in my swatches.

My only problem, and why I’m not a huge fan of the Insta-Dri line, is the brush. While the formula is fantastic (and I love that it dries quickly) I have narrow nail beds. The Insta-Dri brush is very wide; wider than my pinky nail. This makes application difficult for me.

That being said, if you don’t have super narrow nail beds like I do I can see why the brush would be fantastic. It certainly makes for a quicker manicure.

I’ve found myself wearing this polish quite often. It’s just perfect for October! I like pairing it with Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Witch-ful Thinking. But instead of using Witch-ful Thinking over the entire nail I like doing a gradient. The combination creates a seriously festive, no brainer Halloween manicure.

So, under the jump you will find not only swatches of Pumpkin Queen but also Witch-ful Thinking.

Sally Hansen polishes are available at major drugstores as well as Ulta.


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Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pumpkin Queen


Sally Hansen Witch-ful Thinking and Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen Sally Hansen Pumpking Queen and Sally Hansen Witch-ful Thinking Sally Hansen Pumpking Queen and Sally Hansen Witch-ful Thinking swtach


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