Trick or Treat: Ghost Nail Art

Halloween Nails Ghost Nail ArtHalloween is a couple of weeks away which means it is totally acceptable to start wearing full blown Halloween nail art! I love Halloween so this excites me greatly. I already have a ginormous bowl of candy at my house waiting for trick or treaters (aka me).

I’m loving matte black polish so much I wanted to incorporate it into a Halloween manicure. I just did simple ghosts on two nails that way it’s not too overwhelming.

Ghosts are really easy to do. All you need is a white and black polish. For the black I used Pixi Matte Black and for the white I used Ulta Snow White. Once the black polish dried I used the white polish to create the ghost. The key to this is to use more pressure on the brush towards the tip to give the ghost a wider bottom. Once the white dries I used a small dotting tool to create the eyes (which look best if they aren’t perfectly round) and added three small dots at the tip of the nail to complete the ghost.

I like the way this manicure turned out. It’s cute and fun and most importantly, super easy!

There are a couple of more swatches and links to some of my favorite Halloween manicures in the related posts under the jump!


Ghost Nail Art Halloween Nails Ghost Nail Art


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