OPI Bearest Of Them All

OPI Bearest Of Them All COVERWhen OPI and Coca-Cola teamed up for an entire Coke product inspired collection I was SO EXCITED. Coca-Cola Red has become my go to red polish. Now the two brands have teamed up again to create the cutest holiday nail polish gift set ever. LIKE EVER. No, seriously. It’s adorable.

The set includes an OPI polish called Bearest of Them All as well as a plush Coca-Cola bear ornament (please note the adorable scarf).

Bearest Of Them All may have the best description of all time.

Bearest Of Them All, a happy mix of white hearts swirling in a blizzard of red and white glitter can be worn alone or over your favorite OPI holiday shade to add the perfect joyful touch to your nails.

The description of the polish is spot on but this is definitely not a polish I’d wear alone. I used Bearest Of Them All over Coca-Cola Red (duh) and OPI Push & Shove. I really love the way the manicure turned out. But it’s a bit Valentine’s Day.

My concern with polishes like this is always the formula. The glitter isn’t too dense so it’s easy to apply (I used 2 coats in my swatches). The major problem is getting the hearts out of the bottle. I used 2 coats if this on all 10 nails and hearts ended up on 2 nails without me manipulating the glitter. And even then I used a toothpick to angle the heart the way I wanted.

In short, this would make a wonderful small gift or stocking stuffer (it retails for $10.95). The packaging is cute and festive (you can see the box here). The Coca-Cola bear ornament is adorable. And the polish, though it takes a little extra effort, is unique.

There are swatches under the jump.

I haven’t seen this set in stores yet but it can be found on Amazon and ebay.


OPI Bearest Of Them All OPI Coca-Cola Red and OPI Bearest Of Them All OPI Bearest Of Them All and OPI Coca-Cola Red OPI Bearest Of Them All swatch


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