Pixi Matte Black

Pixi Matte Black COVERAll of a sudden matte black polish seems to be the hottest nail polish color of them all. So many brands are releasing matte black polishes right now so I was excited to try this polish from Pixi. I wasn’t sold on the trend in theory but once I got Matte Black on my nails I was hooked.

Matte Black is exactly that; a matte black nail polish. The finish of this polish isn’t completely flat (that’s something you definitely don’t want!) so this looks lovely on the nail. And the matte finish makes the black look a tad lighter than the glossy version.

While I love the look of this polish unfortunately the formula is a bit difficult to wrangle. It’s thick which is strange. I’m going to try thinning it but wanted to try it as is first.

Pixi is available at Target and Pixi is periodically on Hautelook.

As always, there are swatches under the jump.


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Pixi Matte Black Pixi Matte Black swatch Pixi Matte Black label


  1. I’ve been opposed to the matte trend for awhile now. I love it on other people’s nails. But after spending most of my life trying to find the perfect shiny topcoat to make my manicures pop. It seems strange to mattify them. 🙂 Now it seems like it’s here to stay. So I will eventually come around.

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