L’Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque System

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque System COVERThis review is definitely a long time overdue!

I picked up this base and top coat set the beginning of the year and while it took awhile the set has made its way into my regular nail routine.

The Gel-Lacque system is 3 steps. The Gel Primer, the Gel Color and the Gel Glaze. L’Oreal promises using this system will give you a finish that is not only high gloss but will protect the nail color from dents, dings and scratches. This also adds volume to the nail which makes the nails look smoother and helps hide any imperfections.

I tried this on my nails using L’Oreal Elegance is Innate and while the finish was lovely I didn’t find it extended wear or made my nails look any better. That being said I don’t have any major issues with my nails such a ridges or cracks. And the finish was lovely.

So, I decided to try this top and base coat when I was doing my next pedicure. As it turns out, I love the Gel-Lacque system for pedicures. I wear heels all the time and my pedicures tend not to last. But, when I started using the Gel-Lacque system I found my pedicures were lasting much longer than before.

I’ve used the Gel Primer and Gel Glaze with Gel Color from L’Oreal as well as a slew of other regular polishes and I found the wear was the same regardless of what nail color I used.

The only downside of this system is the dry time. L’Oreal claims it’s quick dry but I find it to be very slow drying. Which I don’t mind at all considering the extra days (even weeks…) I get out of my pedicure when I use this system.

So, in short, I don’t use this for manicures but it’s a total must have for pedicures!

The Gel Primer and Gel Glaze are sold in a set for around $10.

Below the jump are a slew of pictures of the packaging and the bottles.

You can find this set in most drugstores as well as on drugstore.com and Amazon.


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