NYC New York Color Blue Majesty

NYC New York Color Blue MajestyOh my gosh y’all, this polish is GORGEOUS!

The fall 2014 Fashion Queen collection from NYC New York Color consists of 9 jewel toned and metallic polishes. I have two, Blue Majesty and NY Princess.

NYC is marketing these as top coats but I prefer them, or at least Blue Majesty, on its own.

Blue Majesty is large, royal blue glitter suspended in a matching blue jelly base. This goes on the nails beautifully and really sparkles.

The formula is fantastic. I used two coats in my swatches and it went on smoothly. But a word to the wise! Use a good base coat with this polish. It will stain. My nails were the victim of staining from this polish and they are now kind of speckled blue. There is a photo of that mess under the jump.

As I mentioned, NYC is marketing these at top coats but 2 coats of Blue Majesty gave me an opaque glitter finish. I did try this as a top coat using just one coat (you can see that manicure over on TDV Instagram) and while it worked you lose the nice depth the jelly base gives with 2 coats of this glitter.

The fashion queen collection should be hitting stores soon. I personally buy my NYC New York Color products from Rite Aid. If you’re not sure where to get NYC products near you check out the store locator on the NYC website.

As always there are swatches under the jump!


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NYC Blue Majesty NYC New York Color Blue Majesty swatch NYC New York Color Blue Majesty MACRO


NYC Blue Majesty staining


  1. WoW! This is really pretty! I agree with you. This is more than a topper! Kind of embarrassed to say, but this will have to be my very first NYC purchase. I swear I’m not a polish snob. Or atleast I try not to be. 🙂

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