Wet n Wild Megalast – LAC- My Mani?

Wet n Wild Megalast - Lac My ManiYou all know that I love pretty much any polish that dries quickly. Lucky for me some beautiful polishes fall into that category: chromes, textures, mattes, and suedes. I can’t get enough and I have a hard time resisting them when I run across them in the store. I was SO excited when I first learned about the Limited Edition Wet n Wild Megalast All Access Beauty Collection for Fall 2014 – SIX MATTE POLISHES! Sure, I was excited for the bigger and higher dollar collections – but a whole collection of mattes? $1.99 each? Count me in for a handful.

I’d actually forgotten about the collection until I ran across the display at my local Walgreen’s. As of today, Alli still hasn’t seen them down in Charlotte. The ones that really called out to me were LAC-My Mani? and Rouge 66. I don’t have a matte white/creme or red that I love. At first I thought a few of the other Megalast mattes looked like potential dupes for some polishes from the “failed” OPI Matte Collection of 2009. But I was wrong, they dry to a softer, more satin finish than the OPI mattes.

Lac-My Mani is a very pretty off white that dries with a satin finish. Application? Ahh… here’s where I struggled a bit. Generally speaking, I really prefer wider brushes. I love the OPI pro-wide brushes, the Sally Hansen CSM/Insta-Dri brushes, and in particular the Megalast brush. HOWEVER, I found that it made applying this polish a little trickier.  Since this polish is a satin/matte the consistency is thicker than average. You also have to work precisely & quickly as the polish dries so fast. I never thought I’d declare a brush to be too wide – but for me, I’d have preferred a smaller brush with this particular polish.

Have you seen this collection yet? Are you even looking for it? You can always check out Nouveau Cheap‘s Interactive Sightings Map. She’s fabulous.

Happy Fall, Y’all.


wet n wild megalast - lac my mani

Wet n Wild Megalast - Lac My Mani

wet n wild megalast - lac my mani


    1. Clean is a great way to describe it! It’s refreshing.

      What did you think of the brush? I still can’t get over it – I really love the Megalast brush but for this polish it just was too big.

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