Orly Mirrorball

Orly Mirrorball BottlePrepare to run, not walk, to your nearest Orly retailer because you are going to not want, but NEED this polish in your collection.

Believe it or not, Mirrorball is from Orly’s holiday 2014 collection; Sparkle. The name of the collection is appropriate as the collection contains 6 glitter polishes.

Mirrorball was love at first sight. It’s absolutely gorgeous in the bottle and translates beautifully to the nail.

Mirrorball has both large and small silver holographic glitter suspended in sheer base. The holographic effect is scattered; which I prefer, and not super in your face. It’s just so lovely.

The formula is wonderful. I’ve used this polish in several ways. On its own I needed 3 coats but over Barielle My City Apartment I needed just one coat. Picture of both of those manicures are below the jump. I prefer wearing Mirrorball as a top coat.

Orly polishes can be found at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. Online you can find Mirrorball on Amazon.

I can’t wait to try the rest of this collection!

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump. The MACRO shot is AMAZING!


PS: I already did some nail art with Mirrorball. I’m obsessed.

Orly Mirrorball holographic glitter nail polish Orly Mirrorball nail polish Barielle My City Apartment and Orly Mirrorball Orly Mirrorball Orly Mirrorball swatch Orly Mirrorball MACRO

Orly Mirrorball Sun


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11 thoughts on “Orly Mirrorball

  1. Oh man… this is LOVELY!

  2. Really awesome…!!

  3. Looks like it would do well with a galaxy mani. Some white, with blue and/or purple sponged over black…I’ve tried a few glitters for the ‘stars’ but it’s hard to find something that doesn’t overpower the background. Must try!

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  5. So pretty – will keep an eye out for this one…

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