Nail Art: Auburn Color Block Manicure

Auburn Nail PolishIt’s Thursday and Auburn is playing tonight and it’s weird. But hey, I have no control over the schedule so I’m just going with it!

This is the manicure I wore to the last Charlotte Auburn Club watch party and I just love it. The clean lines and color blocking are different form my Auburn themed manicures but I’ll definitely be doing this kind of manicure again! And of course, the color combinations are endless.

To do this manicure I started by painting all my nails white (Ulta Snow White…of course). I let that dry completely then used 2 pieces of nail striping tape to block off the white area of my nail. Then I just added the orange (SinfulColors Citrine) and navy (deborah lippmann Rolling in the Deep) and immediately removed the tape. Make sure to wait a good 20 or 30 minutes before applying your top coat to prevent the colors from bleeding.

While this manicure is simple to do it is time consuming but I do think the result was worth it.

As always, there are swatches under the jump.

War Eagle!


Sinful Colors Auburn Manicure Deborah Lippmann Auburn Manicure War Eagle Nails


  1. I truly enjoy all of the navy, orange and white manicures. Although as you know it’s for a different team pride. I must say this particular mani, seems very sophisticated. I quite like it. One of these days maybe I’ll attempt something like it.

    1. That’s what great about these manicures; they can be customized to any team.

      While I’d love it if everyone was an Auburn fan I’m just glad I can provide some inspiration 🙂

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