Nail Art: Sally Hansen Triple Shine Palm Beach Jellies

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Palm Beach JelliesThis is a LONG overdue post.

When I heard about the Sally Hansen Tripe Shine Palm Beach Jellies I was SO EXCITED. I never really got into the OPI Sheer Tints so I had nothing like these jellies in my collection.

I ordered the entire collection and was eagerly waiting so I could play with them and make super awesome nail art. Well, as it turned out, I did manage to achieve some pretty fun manicures with these polishes but I had a couple of issues.

But, first things first. There are 5 polishes in this collection; (from R to L in the cover photo) Ice Tint, Jell-ous, Grape Tint, Watermelon and Sea Through. As expected, I was most excited about the Grape Tint. I ordered the entire set on eBay for $25 as I couldn’t find the display in my area (these are still available on ebay).

I tried using these polishes so many different ways. I understand these polishes are supposed to be sheer. But Grape Tint and Ice Tint are so sheer they look almost clear after one coat. That would be ok expect no matter how I tried to use any of these polishes I ended up with bubbles. It didn’t matter if I used one thing coat or a thick coat bubbles appeared. Sad face all around.

Below the jump you will find a plastic wrap manicure I did with Ice Tint, Grape Tint and Watermelon and if you look closely you can see bubbles. There is also another manicure I did where I just covered sections of the nail with the different tints. There are also bubbles.

After using these several times unsuccessfully I haven’t really messed with them since. I’d love to find a way to use them but I quite frankly don’t have time for so many failed manicures!

I hate being so excited about something just to be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved the looks I got with these polishes the bubbles are just frustrating!


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  1. I can’t see the bubbles in the pictures…You probably see them more than anyone else looking at your nails. Thanks for the review. I was able to snag Ice-Tint and Vitamin D (an orange) on clearance at Target for $1.84 each, but I haven’t had time to play with them yet.

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