Essie – Take it Outside

essie - take it outsideIt’s an exciting day! I’m rocking my first polish from essie’s Dress to Kilt Collection for Fall 2014! It’s going to be an amazing day, I just know it. The official essie description put me in such an awesome mood when I first read it: Want to start trouble? Don this punchy, fresh taupe with a whisper of pink and hit ’em with your best shot. Doesn’t that make you just want to go do amazing things?!

I always look forward to essie’s Fall collections. The polishes always seem to go so well together and Dress to Kilt is no exception. Go! Look! The nail art and accent nail combinations are making me dizzy. SO lovely.

Take it Outside is an excellent polish. Sometimes it looks like a soft cement (ha!) grey, other times it reminds me more of newsprint and then leans into the taupe realm. It’s interesting for sure. The whisper of pink is intriguing – while I wish it was in the form of some superfine shimmer, I’m satisfied that it’s represented in the pink undertones of this polish. It makes it different from any other polish I own – and I love that.

The application was parfait! Two very smooth, easy coats.

The Dressed to Kilt collection is currently available at Ulta as well as on Amazon.

For a lot of people I feel like this is either a love it or hate it shade. Which is it for you? Let me know in a comment below!

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essie - take it outside

essie - take it outside

essie - take it outside 2



  1. I like the colour, nice taupe, but don’t get the name – what is it, some kind of rubbish to be kept away from the house? Take it outside and burn/bury it?!

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