Barielle Paradise in the Tropics

Barielle Paradise in the Tropics coverY’all. It is so hot! I know it’s August. And I live in the South. BUT IT’S SO HOT! Thanks to the weather my brief foray into fall polishes has come to a halt.

Paradise in the Tropics is from the Barielle summer 2014 The Keys collection. I love this collection because there is so much variety. There is everything from super classic (like Topless is St. Tropez) to really trendy (like Panama Pina Colada).

Paradise in the Tropics falls in the classic category. It’s a warm medium pink creme with pretty distinct yellow undertones. The color is lovely and a true classic but it’s not exactly the best for my skintone. As a matter of fact, my mom (who has a lovely warm, tan complexion) already stole this polish from me. She took it with her to her last salon visit and it looks AMAZING on her. I’m glad this polish found a good home!

The formula is great. I used just two coats in my swatches.

If you have a cool toned complexion like myself Barefoot in Bermuda is the pink to consider from this collection. I adore that polish!

Paradise in the Tropics (and the rest of The Keys collection) is available on the Barielle website.


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Barielle Paradise in the Tropics Barielle Paradise in the Tropics swatch Barielle Paradise in the Tropics label


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. Wrong skintone or not, I love these shades. They’re predicting a risk of frost for this region this weekend, I’ll trade places with you if you’d like. 😉

    1. I love colors like this too. Just so pretty and classic.

      The weather here is supposed to be cooler this week so I think I’ll just stick it out. haha

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