deborah lippmann I’ll Take Manhattan

deborah lippmann I'll Take Manhattan coverInterestingly enough, as I sit here writing this post I am watching an episode of Manhattan. A completely different Manhattan as the tv show is about the Manhattan Project but Manhattan none the less. If you haven’t been watching the show I highly recommend it. Not only is it well done the story line and characters have drawn me in!

Anyway, onto the polish and the Manhattan that is located in New York City. The fall 2014 deborah lippmann New York Marquee collection was inspired by art deco and 1940’s New York.

I’ll Take Manhattan is a chrome or metallic finish teal that walks the frosted polish line. There’s a good amount of shimmer in this polish but the finish saves it from inching into the frosted category.

Metallic finish polishes have been very popular among almost every polish brand I can think of over the last several years. I have used many of them and the formula of the deborah lippman luxe chrome finish polishes far exceeds all of them.

The formula goes on smoothly. I didn’t have any problems with brush strokes or uneven application. If you’ve had problems with metallic finish polishes in the past I would highly recommend giving these polishes from deborah lippmann a try.

I’m so excited about this collection. Not only are the individual polishes gorgeous but the nail art potential is endless! I can’t wait to play with them.

The New York Marquee collection is currently available at Sephora and on Amazon.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump! Also under the jump are a few tips for applying metallic finish polishes.


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deborah lippmann I'll Take Manhattan deborah lippmann I'll Take Manhattan swatch deborah lippmann I'll Take Manhattan label

A few tips to make application as easy as possible:

  • Choose your base coat wisely. I used Amour Sticky Base. If the polish doesn’t go on smoothly try using your top coat as a base coat.
  • Work quickly. These polishes dry fast.
  • Make sure your first coat is completely dry before applying a second coat. If the polish is still wet it will drag.
  • If you have imperfections in your nail that are showing through (much less of a problem with the lippmann metallics) try this tip to hide them.
  • You can use a top coat with these polishes. Again, just make sure to work quickly.


  1. Not normally a fan of chromes, as they usually seem too disco-y for me, but the color on this one is so soft and gorgeous I just might have to take Manhattan! It’s nice to see a totally non streaky chrome, leave it to Deb! Great tips you gave.

    1. I really wasn’t sure about this polish in the bottle but was so pleased with how it turned out on the nail!

      Deb really did hit it out of the park with this collection.

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