KIKO Dark Violet (334)

KIKO Dark Violet coverOne of the coolest things about the nail polish blogging community is exposure to brands not easily available not only in my area but in my country. I am one of those people who come home from a trip with 17 bottles of nail polish, 4 tubes of lipstick and an eye shadow palette. I love trying different brands. So, when Katie sent me a package and this lovely polish was in it I was super excited.

Before this post I knew next to nothing about KIKO Milano cosmetics. After a bit of reading I discovered it’s a popular brand in much of Europe. They have makeup, skincare and brushes. But, the most exciting thing I discovered was that KIKO is currently in the process of expanding to the US! That’s exciting because, as it turns out, I’m a big fan of this nail polish and would love to try more.

Dark Violet is, as the name implies, a very dark violet creme. This polish can look black in some lighting but I love it none of the less. Super dark purple polishes are what really got me into polish in the first place (thank you, OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight).

The formula is FANTASTIC. I used just two coats in my swatches. Oh, and as a bonus, KIKO polishes are 5-free.

Fingers crossed KIKO’s expansion into the US market will go smoothly
(and quickly!). Until then I’ll just have to dream of other KIKO polish. I also really want to try Catrice….but that’s a whole other post.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump.

And on a random note: 334 is Auburn’s area code. This polish was clearly meant to be mine!


KIKO Dark Violet 334 KIKO Dark Violet 334 swatch KIKO Dark Violet 334 label


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