OPI – Green on the Runway

OPI - Green on the Runway AHH! I cannot wait any longer. I was going to wait for Fall to share this polish, but it’s so amazing – and so perfect for Fall that I didn’t want y’all to miss the chance at swooping it up. Polish regret is the worst.

Green on the Runway is a beautiful forest green duochrome. The shift from green to brown and red reminds me of leaves changing in the fall. As with most duochromes, the shift is more apparent in the bottle – but it is definitely noticeable on the nail at certain angles, so that’s a win for me. Guess what else was a win for me? The application. This is a one coater, friends. I went ahead and used two out of habit – but I love having amazing polishes that I can put on quickly and get on out the door to my next adventure.

Originally, I thought this would be an awesome polish for Alli, but she’s such a purist – she only went for Coca-Cola Red.

I have to say, I think the Icons of Happiness Collection was pretty great.  At first, it didn’t really draw me in – not as a nail polish collection anyway. I was totally drawn to the novelty of it though: I knew I wanted My Signature is “DC” & Today I Accomplished Zero. Impulse lead me to Green on the Runway & You’re so Vain-illa. But the more time I spent with the polishes, I ended up wanting them all. Well done, OPI & Coke.

You can get the OPI Coca-Cola polishes from Ulta for 9.50. The mini set is adorable: The 10 Pack of Style mini set is available for $16 on Amazon or in the 20 dollar range on eBay. The Coca-Cola 10 Pack of Style includes the entire Icons of Happiness collection + a mini Nail Envy Nail Strengthener and a mini Top Coat. Too cute.

Happy Monday!

Katie Signature Purple

OPI - Green on the Runway

OPI - Green on the Runway

OPI - Green on the Runway

OPI - Green on the Runway



  1. Yes, thank you. Polish regret IS the worst! 🙂 Don’t have this on my list. I like the green but not the duochrome to red. But now that you’ve mentioned it, it does look like fall. And I do like Sprite — with a couple drops of coconut extract. I need DC and Zero. Hmm. Dang it. It’s now on the list. Still don’t get why they added the red for Sprite tho.

    1. I don’t get the red shift either – not for sprite – it’s so weird. But, I’ll take a great Fall polish any day 🙂 I should try the coconut extract!

      1. You should try the coconut in your Sprite. It makes a Sonic Ocean Water! My personal fave is Adam’s extract, about a capful to a can of sprite.

  2. I’m glad you posted this one, I haven’t seen too many swatches of this….I really need to find the mini set! You’re right, it’s great for fall 🙂

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