HEMA – Ocean Water (728)

HEMA - Ocean WaterAnother rainy day… I usually try and battle the rainy day blues with bright polish, but today I decided to embrace it – and I definitely made the right choice. I had such a good experience with Ocean Blue, I decided it was time to show off HEMA’s Ocean Water!

Ocean Water is the 2nd polish I’ve tried from HEMA’s Spring collection. The names of all of the polishes in the collection start with Ocean… I’ll admit that while it’s not super creative, I love the ocean so I’m completely on board with it!

Ocean Water is a stunner. It’s a gorgeous baby blue , packed with a super fine iridescent glitter. I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything like it. Initially I wondered if it’d be close to Essie’s Parka Perfect – but it’s not – it’s so much better. This is a polish I can see myself wearing all year long. Even though it’s a pastel, it doesn’t scream Spring to me – I think it’d be marvelous with some glitter for a winter wonderland look.

Application was just average. I used 3-4 thin coats to get a look I was happy with. I’m so spoiled, aren’t I? One and two coaters dominate my world.

For more information about HEMA, you can check out my original post on Ocean Blue.



HEMA - Ocean Water

HEMA - Ocean Water

Hema - Ocean Water


      1. Sure will, thnx! I have a lot of Hema’s in my area, so I’m pretty confident I’ll find one… Hey, if you want, I could pick you up some other Hema polishes to test (holo, duo-chrome etc.)!

  1. A little of that white Lynnderella glitter on top will make this a truly stunning mani. Such a sweet, lovely blue… 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love it – especially with a little tan 🙂 I totally agree – It does remind me of Cinderella – I really like it. Formula wise, I think it’s pretty similar to Cinderella too. I may have to get out that little gem…

  2. Incredibly pretty!! If I buy one more light blue polish though, I might have to seek treatment for OCD or hoarding, lol… I’m going to try to dupe this look by putting Loreal’s The True Diamond over a baby blue cream. Great photos!

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