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NYC New York Color TropicoralFor several years now I’ve had a thing with coral nail polishes. It all started with butter LONDON Macbeth back in the day and has steam rolled into quite the addiction. Coral polish is such an easy summer manicure color as it goes with most of my summer wardrobe.

Recently I got a new maxi dress from HauteLook. The colors at first had me stumped as to what color polish to pair it with as it has quite a bit going on (you can see the dress over on my Pinterest). Finally it hit me that I was seriously over thinking the entire situation and coral was the way to go. I had Tropicoral from the NYC Summer 2014 City Samba collection that I needed to try so it was perfect timing!

Tropicoral (I love that name…) is a bright coral with slight yellow undertones. The color is gorgeous and exactly the color I see in my head when I think of the color coral. In fact, I love this color so much I already did a little nail art with it 🙂

I’ve been impressed with the formula of the polishes from the City Samba collection and Tropicoral was no exception. The formula was perfect. I used two coats in my swatches.

If your collection is lacking the perfect coral polish I highly recommend Tropicoral. So far I’ve only seen the display at Rite Aid stores.

As always there are swatches under the jump!


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  1. Pretty color on you. Live Love Carnival is the first coral I’ve ever owned and now I’m surrounded! I think I like/ look better with those leaning pink. I’ve been desperately looking for the City Samba display — I collect polishes with Latino and Spanish names. No luck so far.

    1. Live.Love.Carnival is one of my favorites! I just love coral everything.

      I’ve only seen the display at Rite Aid stores. Hopefully you’ll be able to find it soon! *fingers crossed*

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