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SinfulColors Race Rubber COVERAs much as I love bright color and neon nail polish the other day I was just in the mood for a dark manicure. I have a few polishes from the new SinfulColors Full Throttle collection and Race Rubber looked like the perfect polish to fit my mood.

The polishes from the Full Throttle collection have what SinfulColors is calling  a rubberized texture. I wasn’t sure what to expect but essentially these polishes are textured but not as textured as most other textured polishes on the market. The finish really does turn out to look rubber to leather like.

Race Rubber is a burgundy, textured polish. The color is gorgeous and is going to be perfection during the fall. And I like the texture.

The formula is easy to work with. I used 3 thin coats in my swatches. The key to this polish is to use thin coats. If you use coats that are too thick the texture will get lost.

The Full Throttle collection is currently available at Rite Aid and Walgreens.

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10 thoughts on “SinfulColors Race Rubber

  1. The Marc Jacobs polishes have that rubberized texture too. I discovered I don’t care for the look of that texture and ended up returning my MJ polish for that reason. This is a gorgeous shade of burgundy though!

  2. like it

  3. I’m kind of digging the subtle texture, its nice

  4. I didn’t think I’d like this look – at all – but I’m kind of into it…

  5. Yep. I want Rubber Ball (the pink.. of course).

  6. […] Rubber is a bright blue creme with a textured finish. Like Race Rubber, the other polish from this collection I have tried, Rain Rubber has a slightly textured finish […]

  7. […] is from the Full Throttle collection that came out last summer that also included Rain Rubber and Race Rubber. Hopefully they’re still available but I’m honestly not […]

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