Sally Hansen Color Foil – Yellow Gold

Sally Hansen - Yellow GoldHappy Friday! You know what I love? Gold nail polish. I do. I love it all. But, by now, you know that already – onward!

A few years ago, I spent far too much time searching Dollar Trees all over Richmond for the Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Make Up polishes… Remember them? They had the awesome chrome bottles – SO cool. Needless to say, I was SUPER excited when I finally got a peek at the new Color Foils – the bottles are even better! I like the rectangular shape and the outside is the same delightful chrome as the old chrome polishes. So perfect.

Alli loved Sterling Silver and Purple Alloy, so I couldn’t wait to try out Yellow Gold (and neither could Alli, since she used it in this flirty geometric mani). I was a little nervous, because chromes aren’t the easiest to apply. Even though the directions said to skip the base & top coat, I went ahead and did the tried & true method: base coat, polish, matte top coat, polish. Well, that was a bust. My beautiful Color Foil did not get along with my base coat.

So, I decided to actually follow the directions on the bottle: no base coat, two coats of polish, no topcoat- and…. voila! It worked so much better and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Color wise, it’s gold. Yellow gold. As the name suggests, it’s more yellow than the other gold in the Color Foil Collection: Liquid Gold.

The Color Foil collection is currently in stores and can also be found online at

I really hope the Color Foils are here to stay, how about you? Pictures below!


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Sally Hansen - Yellow Gold 1

Sally Hansen - Yellow Gold 2

Sally Hansen - Yellow Gold 3

Sally Hansen - Yellow Gold Bottle





  1. Wild. This is coming up greenish on my monitor, almost like foil version of Chanel Peridot. I like it but currently my nail beds are not perfect enough to pull off foils and chromes, unless I use two coats of a thick base, and who has time?

    1. Yellow Gold definitely pulls green at times – but not nearly as green as Peridot.

      I know what you mean – chromes can be hard to work with. Usually I just figure that no one will be as critical as 1. my camera or 2. me 🙂 My Nana said it would be nice for a “night out with the girls.” She’s adorable.

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