Perfect Pair Barielle Panama Pina Colada and Sally Hansen Liquid GoldSometimes I just can’t help myself. This manicure is all wrong for my skintone but I just love it.

I was wearing Barielle Panama Pina Collada which I adore but wanted to add something to spice it up a bit. Until this manicure I hadn’t used Sally Hansen Liquid Gold but had been dying to try it.

At first I was just going to do a standard French manicure but then I decided to make it a bit more modern and add gold to the tips in a diagonal line kind of creating a triangle. I really love the look of this manicure.

The base color is summer appropriate and the gold tips add a little bit of flash. Plus, I like the contrast between the creme base and metallic tips.

This is definitely something I’m going to do again but with more skintone flattering colors. This color combination will look great on those of you with warmer skintones and a tan!

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump.


Barielle Panama Pina Colada and Sally Hansen Liquid Gold Sally Hansen Liquid Gold and Barielle Panama Pina Colada Barielle Panama Pina Colada and Sally Hansen Liquid Gold sun

  1. Rosie Glorso says:

    Alli, I LOVE the contrast and angled tips. Super cute look! Do you have a techniques post somewhere that describe how you did this? Did you just use nail tape to mask off the triangles and then painted it in? Thanks!

    • Alli says:

      Honestly, I tried doing this using tape and I found it to be difficult/annoying/not worth it. I ended up just free handing the tips (I didn’t use any nail art brushes….just the brush in the bottle) and found that worked much better.

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