Kiko – Golden Tiffany (834)

Kiko - Golden TiffanyHello! I hope you all are enjoying the last day of a great holiday weekend. I’ve gotta say I am really loving trying out these European brands. I had such a great experience with the first Kiko that I tried, Cornflower, I decided to try another!

Ladies (& gentlemen) allow me to introduce: Golden Tiffany. Golden Tiffany is from Kiko Cosmetic‘s Quick Dry line which comes in circular bottles. The brush is wide and easy to work with. The polish dried in a decent amount of time and to a really beautiful glossy finish. This polish is really quite stunning. I’d describe this polish as a pearly light blue/teal packed with golden shimmer. In artificial light, it leans more towards a seafoam green because the shimmer blends with the blue. No matter the lighting, it’s a gorgeous polish.

Application was pretty good! I used three coats, but had to add a 4th to one nail when I noticed a few bald spots. Uh oh! Since I didn’t get bald spots on all of my nails, I’ll go ahead and take the blame for that.

Worth mentioning… I follow Kiko Cosmetics on Instagram and they have some truly lovely products I’d love to try. How gorgeous are the multicolor blushes from Kiko’s Life in Rio Collection? I really love the packaging on these eyeshadow palettes! Too cute.

Make sure to check below for more pictures!

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Kiko - Golden Tiffany

Kiko - Golden Tiffany



15 thoughts on “Kiko – Golden Tiffany (834)

  1. Pretty – KIKO have some awesome polishes. I like the shimmer element, takes its from meh to wahey!

  2. SO very lovely!! Reminds me of Cinderella by Sinful, except with gold shimmer instead of pink shimmer… I much prefer this one, because as you say the gold gives the pale blue a warm tinge, kinda turning it into pale aqua, the color of my dreams! I think I can dupe this one with my existing stash, though… I have a dainty gold microshimmer in a clear base, and I think if I put it over SpaRitual’s “Heavenly,” it might be close enough for rock and roll. 🙂

    • Nope – I have both, and Cinderella is unmistakeably blue. I don’t think that this one is blue, though, I have always saw it as a sort of bluish green… Hard to define anyway, but lovely on all counts.

      • I go back and forth – is it just blue that looks teal because of the shimmer or would it be teal without the shimmer? Either way – I love it. Thank you for sending it!

    • Brittany Miller says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking! I love this shade so much more than Cinderella

    • I had the same thought when I was writing my post! While they’re definitely different, it does certainly bring Cinderella to mind – I love it 🙂

      I’d love to see if you can dupe it! Share your creation with us on facebook or twitter 🙂

    • When I first looked at this I too thought of Cinderella. Both are lovely!

  3. Food, Fash, Fit says:

    Wow! This is a gorgeous shade, thanks for sharing this! I thought it had to be a top coat or something… So pretty!

    • It’s super gorgeous! The reason I let it sit for a while is because I thought it would probably have to be used as a topper, but it’s stunning on it’s own!

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