wet n wild megalast – 2% Milk

Wet n Wild 2% Milk.I have never, ever, been interested in sheer polishes. I can appreciate their place in the nail polish world, but I abhor visible nail lines. I do. I picked up 2% Milk for the sole purpose of creating some glitter jelly sandwiches. I never got around to doing any and I’d actually forgotten I owned this polish until a few days ago when I picked up my one and only Lynderella: Love, Lace, and Lilacs. I looked at some swatches and decided I wanted to do it over a nude polish, but none of my nude polishes seemed to fit the bill. I think I was channeling my Nana.

I decided to give Wet n Wild’s 2% Milk a shot. To my complete surprise I kind of fell in love with it all on its own – visible nail lines and all! I used three coats to get a look I liked. I think the finished look is very classy and ladylike. It would make a great work appropriate or interview polish as well! What I liked most is that each coat looked really nice all on its own – there was no streaking at all.

2% Milk is often compared to Sugar Coat, also from the megalast line. While I don’t have both, the biggest difference would be that Sugar Coat builds to opacity a bit quicker and it is more suited to cooler skin tones. 2% Milk is more of a nude beige and suited best for warmer skin tones.

Make sure to check out the pictures below! I’ve included swatches with Love, Lace, & Lilacs layered over 2% Milk – I love, love, love this look! If you love it too, you can pick up 2% Milk at Walgreen’s for under $2!


Natural Light:

Wet n Wild megalast - 2% milk

Wet n Wild - 2% Milk

WnW - 2Milk


Wet n Wild 2% Milk

Wet n Wild 2% Milk

With Two Coats of Lynderella’s Love, Lace, and Lilacs:

Wet n Wild 2% + Lynderella Love, Lace, & Lilacs

Wet n Wild 2% Milk + Lynderella Love, Lace, Lilacs



  1. This is one of the polishes I thought about getting as I’m starting a new job where I can’t wear anything fun. Now I’m sure I’m getting it

  2. I don’t have many nude sheers, if any. (Need to check on that,) I’m cooler; will definitely will pick up Sugar Coat. This looks very pretty — almost like a layer of lace on your nails. Wouldn’t it be perfect for a wedding?? BTW, I just love the word ladylike! My Nana used it all the time and now so do I.

    1. For years my Nana has always told me to “Be a Lady!” I love her. I think this would be really gorgeous for a wedding – and I agree, it does look like a layer of lace!

  3. This is soooooo pretty, Katie… Now you have the perfect lace mani for your wedding…! 😉

    Ok, no kidding now, it’s lovely. I like sheer polishes, preferably light, and really don’t see a problem with VNL. If anything, sheer polishes give me a French mani (of sorts) without the hassle…

  4. This is one of my favorite neutral polishes. I love the brush on these and you can’t beat the price at less than $2.

  5. Love, lace and lilacs reminds me of Opi’s Pirouette my whistle. I could get a similar look if I can find 2%! I’m with you, I love this look.

      1. There are two “versions” of PMW – the first one, the original so to speak, is whitish, subdued – the second (more recent) leans to grey, and is much more glittery and “bling-bling”. I believe OPI is making PMW part of their permanent collection.

        1. I probably have the more bling version…I was unaware there were two! I use mine often, it can really save an otherwise ‘meh’ polish!

  6. It took a while to grow on me, but now I really like VNL, especially for hot summer months where full coverage enamel can look too heavy. What I love about sheers is that they make the nails look polished without looking too “done up.” Like lip gloss instead of lipstick. VNL looks great on your nails. Long live ladylike polish!

    1. I totally see what you’re saying – it looks fresh and clean and taken care of, but not in your face. I have a few more sheers I might try out now… ahh!

      1. You can also pick a creme shade you like and mix with clear polish 50/50, or to your tastes. I do it all the time.

  7. While I do have ‘color’ on my nails most of the time, I do love a sheer mani. My favorite one is a sandwich of OPI You Callin’ Me A Lyre? and Pirouette Your Whistle. I have heard 2% Milk mentioned a bit and now that I have seen your swatches, I am going to look for it. Thank you for the wonderful photos!

      1. I was all over those sheer NYC shades, after hearing about the jellyish formula, which so many reviewers were saying made for a less streaky application than with most sheers. Still, You Callin’ Me a Lyre was too uneven for me, only Don’t Touch my Tutu worked for me, luv it! My fave jellyish sheers though, are the ones by RBL… their formula is just crazzzy good, so good that it absolutely justifies the obscene price, LOL.

        1. Now that you mention it, OPI Glints of Glinda is just perfect, formula and colour-wise. One of my favourites.

        2. Don’t Touch My Tutu has such a great name. I like the look of You Callin’ Me a Lyre.

          I think the only way I’ll end up with any of these polishes is if I run across a mini set at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

          Which is your favorite RBL? I’ve tried two RBL polishes – loved them both. Scrangie & No More War. I think I sent Scrangie to Alli, may have to dig out No More War….

          1. Hmmm, if I could only one RBL polish with me to a desert island, it would have to be Fire Queen. It’s just so unique and gorgeous, it literally turns your nails into pale glassy jade. Yum!

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