Nail Art: White & Silver Chevron (+ Nail Vinyls)

Nail Vinyls Chevron - White & SilverOkay. I love chevron patterned… things. Let me clarify: I love chevron everything: skirts, rugs, curtains, pillows… If my whole world could be chevron I’d be very dizzy, but very happy.  Actually, I might need some polka dots and stripes too – but mostly… chevron.

I’ve admired chevron nails for ages but there was no way I could do it. I can’t free hand it – I’m too much of a perfectionist and using lots and lots of tiny strips of tape…. I don’t have the patience.

I swooned over all of the gorgeous chevron designs that started popping up on instagram and realized people were using Nail Vinyls! Enter… Nail Vinyls by Linda! Nail Vinyls are sort of like stencils for your nails – you’ll see in a second!

For my white & silver chevron nails I used the regular chevron vinyls.  I chose polishes I knew would be a breeze to work with:  OPI – My Signature is “DC” and Alpine Snow – two of my favorites.

Bonus: Customer service was great. Right after I ordered I realized there was a promo, I contacted Linda and she retroactively applied the promo that I missed. How awesome is that?

Be sure to look below for more pictures and tips and tricks I’ve learned from playing around with these for a few weeks. If you’d like to see lots and lots of wonderful designs, just search for #nailvinyls on instagram or check out Linda’s instagram: @teismom. If you’re interested in buying some nail vinyls to try out – hop on over to!

I really love white & silver together! What colors would you use?


Ready? Okay! Let me tell you how easy this is!

Materials: Nail vinyls,  two nail polishes, top coat, and tweezers.

Nail Vinyls Chevron - Materials

Nail Vinyls

Step 1: Paint all of your nails your base color (Alpine Snow) and add one coat quick dry top coat. Make sure your nails are completely dry before you start to apply the vinyls!

NV Chevron - Step1

Step 2: Next, place the vinyls where you want them – make sure that the vinyls are flush with your nail so that nail polish doesn’t creep underneath!

NV Chevron - Step2b

Step 3: Paint your nail with your second color (My Signature is “DC”) – eek! So blurry!

NV Chevron - Step 3

Step 4: Quickly – but carefully – remove the nail vinyls. I’ve found it’s really beneficial to use tweezers for this, but you don’t have to.

NV Chevron - Step 4

Step 5: Wait a bit – to avoid streaking – and apply your favorite topcoat. Repeat for the rest of your nails! I used my new Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat – I love it! .

Nail Vinyls Chevron - Silver & White

Voila! You’re all done! Now take lots of pictures and share it with us on twitter!

Nail Vinyls Chevron - Silver & White

Nail Vinyls Chevron - White & Silver










    1. They are pretty fabulous! I also have some hearts and stars. I like working with the chevron best though 🙂 When I ordered I just ordered the smallest sets – they aren’t very expensive – $5 for a 100 ct. sheet of these 🙂

  1. This manicure is fantastic. I love the silver-white contrast. I was going to ask you guys to replicate the Ellen Super Bowl commercial mani. This is so close, and just stunning!

  2. Love silver-on-white manis for summer, and the chevron looks so fresh, not too fussy. I see some chevron vinyls in my future.

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