SinfulColors PiPaya

SinfulColors PiPaya coverThis is the first SinfulColors polish I have reviewed since the Consumer Reports article comparing SinfulColors to other, more expensive nail polish brands came out. Consumer Reports found SinfulColors to be the highest rated polish brand and declared it a Consumer Reports Best Buy. I wasn’t surprised but I have to say I was impressed. Make sure to check out the article. It’s really interesting!

Ok, moving on! For summer 2014 SinfulColors released a new Silk + Satin collection. The polishes in this collection have a demi-matte silk texture and come in rich, bright colors. I have three polishes from this collection and the colors are PERFECT for summer.

We all know I have a bit of obsession with orange and coral polishes so of course the first polish I had to try from the Silk + Satin collection was PiPaya.

PiPaya is a medium orange with the slightest coral or pink undertones. On my skintone it pulls mostly orange though the pink undertones does soften the color a bit. The finish is a matte finish but it’s not completely flat.

The formula is great. I used two coats in my swatches. Because this does have a satin/matte finish it dries to the touch very quickly. But it will dent for a time after application so be careful!

I, of course, didn’t use a top coat with this polish because it will ruin the lovely finish.

I’m excited to try the other polishes I have from this collection. I just love polishes with different finishes!

The Silk + Satin will be available in July at Rite Aid stores and at Walgreens in August.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump. The finish is so pretty!

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  1. looks good with your skin tone!! Hey are you SURE you have “cool toned” skin, because your skin always looks quite WARM (pale but distinctly yellow toned) on my monitor, same as my own skin tone, and you always look great in the warmer shades!

    1. Lol, yes, I am sure. I am your classic super pale, freckled, red undertones in my hair and skin girl from Irish descent.

      Pictures taken in the sun or with a flash make my skin look more yellow/neutral. Most artificial light is yellow so it can make my skin appear warmer at times 🙂

      1. Hmmm… super pale Irish?… me too! Mixed with Italian, though, so I wasn’t blessed with freckles. I also have red tones in my hair, but (according to the Color Me Beautiful guidelines) red undertones in the indicate warm coloring, not cool. I remain unconvinced Alli! LOL.

        1. Red, pink, blue (all me!) indicate cool coloring where as yellow, peach, golden (like Katie) indicate warm coloring.

          You can remained unconvinced but I’m pretty well versed in these things (and have been color matched many times over) and my natural (read un-dyed hair, sans makeup self) is very cool toned.

          I’d kill to be able to get a nice tan, though 🙂

          1. Totally agree about the pink and blue indicating cool and the yellow peach golden indicating warm. But natural “red” in the hair is always a warmish red, many times leaning orange. Nature automatically “matches” skin and hair in terms of warm/cool… I used to be a makeup consultant and have never seen a person with (natural) red or reddish hair that has “cool” skin, which is why hairstylists recommend that cool skin tones stick with neutral or “ashy” toned hair dye, not copper, bronze, or natural-looking (warm) red. If a cool skinned person insists on going with red hair dye, then that totally fake looking “cool purplish” shade of red is usually recommended so that at least there won’t be a clash between skin and hair tones. That being said, if you feel super sure you are cool, then I guess you must be cool!… in more ways than one, LOL. And for a cool toned gal, you sure can rock a coral nail polish! … most cool toned folks avoid corals like the plague.

          2. I had a stint with dyed red hair earlier this year. It wasn’t what I would call pretty though it was a fun experience.

            When I was dying my hair dark I always used an ash brown. Golden browns make me look dead.

            Ah, the things I have done to my hair!

  2. I read that article but I’m curious about the top and base coats used. I know some brands don’t play we’ll together. Are y’all pronouncing this name like the fruit? Why’d they spell it like that? Pretty color – I’m cool toned and I like/ can wear pink-leaning corals. Never worn many before and now I’ve purchased about 5 this season. I guess this’ll make 6! Thx?

    1. The article seems to imply they used SinfulColors top and base coats. Though, I’ve never used SC top and base coats and have always had great luck with wear time from SinfulColors polishes.

      In my head I pronounce it like the fruit….I have no idea why it’s spelled like that!

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