Summer 2014 Must Have Polishes

Summer 2014 Must Have PolishesWhile the unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day weekend the official start of summer is today.

That means it’s officially neons season. And that makes me extremely happy!

But no worries, there are some awesome colors to try out even if you’re not into neons.

Below the jump you’ll find the top 5 trending color for Summer 2014 and polishes suggestions for each of them.

Make sure to leave your top summer polishes in a comment!


deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine1. Freesia: Or, sunshine yellow. Of course, yellow is always a popular color for summer. But this summer’s yellows aren’t pale. They are instead full color, bold yellows which I personally love. deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine is a beautiful polish and fits this catagory perfectly. If you have a cooler skintone JulieG Canary Islands is a good option. Though a couple of years old at this point, Julep Daisy is a polish that many of y’all might already have that would work great as well.

Essie I'm Addicted2. Blue Curacao: This is one of my favorite colors year around so it’s super exciting that for summer 2014 blue Curacao is on trend. This is a color that comes in both a neon and regular formula. Of course the neon blue curacao polishes are going to be brighter but both make quite a statement. My absolute favorite polish in this category is Essie I’m Addicted. It’s a neon but totally worth the effort. Essie Strut Your Stuff is a non neon option.

Pixi Lime Lustre3. Pale Green: While the yellows for summer 2014 are bright and bold, the green that are trending are pale and subtle. That might sound kind of boring but trust me, these greens are gorgeous and anything but boring. My favorite pale green is Pixi Lime Lustre. It’s pale yet bright all at the same time. Plus, the slight sheen is nice among all the creme polishes for the season. Essie Fashion Playground also fits nicely in this category but is a bit less bold.

OPI Juice Bar Hopping4. Bright Orange: YAY! NEON! I seriously love neon polishes. I just think they are so fun! For summer 2014 almost every brand has released a neon orange. My favorite of the new releases is OPI Juice Bar Hopping. It’s super bright yet the slight jelly finish brings it down a couple notches. If you want to go SUPER bright look no further than Pixi Oh So Orange. deborah lippmann Don’t Stop Believin‘ is a slightly more subtle option.

Orly Saturated5. Violet: Dark purple polishes are why I got into nail polish in the first place so I love that violet polishes are on trend for summer 2014. Granted, there are some violet polishes; such as Essie Chills & Thrills, that aren’t super dark. But my favorite in this category by car is Orly Saturated. It’s so so gorgeous. And a bit unexpected for this time of year.


  1. A couple of glitter topcoats to change things up and you have your summer wardrobe right there…(Pirouette my Whistle by OPI comes to mind, a basic staple for my weekend bag).

    Just lovely! 🙂

  2. I almost snapped up that lovely Pixi one when I spied it while shopping! Passed it up because I only buy 3,4,or 5-free polishes and I’m not familiar with Pixi so I had no clue if they are a low toxicity brand or not… do you happen to know?

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