Essie Strut Your Stuff

Essie Strut Your Stuff coverWhen I first laid eyes on Strut Your Stuff it reminded me an awful lot of I’m Addicted. Considering I’m Addicted came out in the Too Taboo Neon collection aka not long before the current Summer 2014 Haute in the Heat collection. None the less I was excited to try Strut Your Stuff. It’s no secret I love blue polishes!

Essie describes Strut Your Stuff is a cobalt aqua. At first I thought that was a strange description but the more I think about it I actually think it works.

The formula is lovely. I used just two coats in my swatches.

Strut Your Stuff and I’m Addicted are close but not dupes. I’m Addicted is also a neon so there are obviously formula differences. That being said, most people won’t be able to tell a difference on the nail.

There is a comparison of Strut Your Stuff and I’m Addicted under the jump as well as swatches of Strut Your Stuff.

Strut Your Stuff is currently available on and Amazon. I’ve also seen the display in stores. This polish is also included in the mini set for this collection.


Essie Strut Your Stuff Essie Strut Your Stuff sun Essie Strut Your Stuff label Essie Strut Your Stuff and Essie I'm Addicted


  1. One of my favorite purchases this year. As soon as I got it home it went on the nails. I only own 2 other Essie’s but haven’t worn them yet. So am not used to the smaller brush. But the color pay out is worth the thinner consistency and brush issue. I had full opacity in one coat. Although I always do the obligatory second. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails.

  2. I have gone back and for between this one and I’m Addicted. Love them both. I know the neon will have a formula a little more difficult than the SYS polish, though. So gorgeous!

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