JulieG – Old San Juan

JulieG - OldSanJuan3Horray! It’s time for the next stop on the JulieG Summer Cruise: Old San Juan.We’ve been to Santorini, Miami Beach, and Canary Islands. Once we leave OSJ we’ll be heading to Tahiti and Rio! Get excited..

I’ve got to admit, since I’ve fallen down the Orange is the New Black rabbit hole this weekend, I’ve had orange on the brain – Old San Juan was an easy choice for my weekend mani!

Old San Juan is a creamy light orange reminiscent of dreamsicles, an old favorite summer treat. I’m actually really glad that Alli sent this to me, as it’s not a color I’d have picked out for myself.

While I like the color, the formula had me a bit disappointed – especially after Alli had such a fantastic experience with Canary Islands. It was a bit thick at first and hard to work with- so I added a few drops of thinner. It was better after that, but it still took 4 coats to even everything out and cover up bald spots.

All my complaints aside, it was worth the effort – and I so rarely have the patience for difficult polishes. I really like the finished look.

This collection is available at Rite Aid stores. For those of you who do not live near a Rite Aid this collection is also available on jessesgirlcosmetics.com. . It’s also currently on eBay for 29.99!

What’s been your favorite stop on the JulieG Summer Cruise so far? I think I’m torn between Santorini and Miami Beach… I’m very excited our last two stops: Tahiti and Rio!


JulieG - Old San Juan BottleBrush

JulieG - Old San Juan

JulieG - Old San Juan2



  1. I am smitten with Santorini for sure! But I do love this pretty summery treat! How can you not be happy when you look at your nails!

  2. I just checked this shade out in the store last week! It’s that red-leaning orange that I can’t wear well. Looks good on you though! I have a couple suggestions to try from Julie G: 9 to 5 which is a lighter orange cream, and Freshly Squeezed, a lighter orange shimmer. Both these I would say lean cool.

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