Sally Hansen Salon Effects – A Little Bubbly

SH - Bubbly (Collage)Once upon a time, there was a polish blogger (yes, I’m obviously talking about me) who loved Sally Hansen Salon Effects. She loved everything about them. She loved the cute designs, the ease of application, and the price. But for some reason, she forgot how much she loved them. She didn’t use them for a long, long time. Her nails were SO sad. Then one day, many months later, she saw the Limited Edition South Beach Shores display…

Okay, that was the worst fairytale ever. Moving on! As soon as I saw the South Beach Shores Salon Effects Display [Checkout Nouveau Cheap‘s “Spotted“], I knew I had to have them. First, the packaging is different from the boxed packaging. What’s missing? The little nail file and stick. I didn’t mind, the price was great – 5.99! I’ll take two please! I absolutely loved A Little Bubbly – but went back and forth on it – I kept telling myself how easy it would be to recreate, but finally I thought: Katie, honestly, you don’t have the patience for that. I also grabbed an adorable design of starfish: Plenty of Fish.

My experience was lovely. I’d been in a bit of a nail polish rut, and needed a pick me up. I opened the package and went to work. About 15 minutes later, I had a perfect manicure with no dry time. Seriously, Sally Hansen, I love you.

I did make a few mistakes. First, I didn’t wrap the tips. Oops. Second, just before I took these pictures (on Day 4), I thought it would be wise to add a coat of Seche Vite – not the best idea. It caused a little bit of lifting around the cuticles and I dinged my pinky in the nanosecond that it took the SV to dry. Ugh. Good thing I have Plenty of Fish waiting for me!SH - A Little Bubbly 3

So, what do you think? I really love the lower price point – 5.99 is definitely reasonable for SH Salon Effects, which in my limited strip experience, are my favorite. I’m not sure if they entire line will get a makeover, but I hope they keep churning out some adorable LE displays like this one. I can totally see Alli rocking Walk the Plank.

Swatches below!


Sally Hansen - A Little Bubbly

SH - A Little Bubbly (Packaging)

SH - A Little Bubbly (Directions)

SH - A Little Bubbly (Strips)

SH - A Little Bubbly





  1. I wish there were more “limited edition’ styles. I found them around Easter. At my Walgreens they were $5.99. The regular ones with the stick and file are $11.97. I’d gladly give up the stick and file to save $6. A little bubbly was my favorite in this set of “LE”.

    1. I agree completely! I have the tools I need – you could even keep the file & stick from a previous set – it’s a huge price difference and totally worth it.

      I was wondering if this was a permanent change, but I’ve since seen a new display of the traditional packaging (and price). Did you pick up any.of the other ones?

      1. Yes. There were 5 styles at my Walgreens. Got gills?, Done to Scale, A Little Bubbly, Sand Art, and Plenty of Fish.

  2. I keep going back and forth on these polish strips, my nail beds are so short I feel like I’m missing out on what they should look like! On the other hand I could probably get two full manicures out of one box….

    Your nails are looking fab, by the way!

  3. The cheapest price I’ve seen them for in Canada is $9.99! I’ve now got a shopping list on the go for when I’m next in the U.S. Such variety and good prices!

    1. The regular ones are still in the 9-11 range, but these were just so cute in their little package. I need to go see if they have any left… I have only seen them at one Walgreens.

  4. Came across a bunch of these at one of my local Dollar Trees today…8 of the LE designs though not the ones listed above. I am NOT complaining but one other difference in this packaging is 12 rather than 16 strips, but since they can’t be saved due to their air sensitivity the lesser # is fine by me, esp as they seemed to eliminate the smaller rather than the larger sizes which means people can trim if needed but that they should work for most. Hope some others get find done if the $1 deals too! (I bought 14:P…10-11 of which I fully intend to use myself!)

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