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Essie Topless & Barefoot coverNude polishes are so far from my thing it’s hard to believe I purchased this polish! But, I really wanted a nude polish to wear with all the lovely neon polishes that are out for the summer. I quickly figured out that I didn’t have a single creme nude that worked with  my skintone in my stash. Crazy!

Originally released as part of the 2011 French Affair collection, Topless & Barefoot has become sort of a cult favorite. Several of y’all recommended this polish when I asked for a good, cool toned nude polish. I’m glad I followed the recommendations!

Topless & Barefoot is a cool toned beige creme. The pink undertones are subtle but there. This looks great with my very cool (aka very pink) skintone. I have a hard time finding nudes that work on me. Even neutral nudes that are tan/brown look terrible on me so I was excited to find a nude polish that worked!

The formula is fine. It’s not great as I did need three coats to get an opaque, streak free finish. But it wasn’t runny or difficult to work with.

I’m so glad to have this polish! Everyone needs a perfect nude polish in their collection. And even though nude polishes aren’t my thing AT ALL I kind of liked it……

Luckily Essie did add this to their permanent line so it’s easy to find. Online Topless & Barefoot is available on and Amazon.

As always, there are swatches under the jump!


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14 thoughts on “Essie Topless & Barefoot

  1. Luv nudes, but it IS had to find one that works with one’s skin tone! This is a pretty one! Looks like a cool-version twin of the warmer “Chantal” by Zoya, which I just got and am crazy about.

    • Everyone always talks about how hard it is to find the perfect red lipstick but I think it’s much harder to find the perfect nude polish!

  2. I just picked up Trade Winds/ Revlon (meh on me) and Eva’s Nude/ L’Oreal (too yellow) in a long-running attempt to find my perfect nude. This looks like a much better option. Ugh on the three coats, though. My favorite nude is OPI Dulce de Leche — darker than my skin but just so pretty.

  3. Good choice — lovely color on you. The right tone makes all the difference. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out the Zoya Naturel collection a little closer. Definitely there are shades for cool complexions.

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