Essie Too Taboo

Essie Too Taboo coverThe namesake polish from the Essie Summer 2014 Too Taboo neon collection isn’t exactly…taboo. But it’s really pretty!

Essie describes Too Taboo as an intense fuchsia. This polish has very noticeable purple undertones. It reminds me an awful lot of Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple. And it really is lovely in the sun.

The formula is AMAZING. This is close to a one coater, but I did use two. And of course, this is a neon formula so a shiny top coat is required.

Too Taboo is on trend and the formula is amazing…but it’s my least favorite I’ve tried so far from the collection. I much prefer Chills & Thrills and I’m Addicted. But that’s just a color preference.

The Too Taboo collection is currently available at Ulta. Too Taboo is included in the mini set for this collection.

As always, there are swatches under the jump!


Essie Too Taboo Essie Too Taboo swatch Essie Too Taboo label


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