deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine

deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine coverOk, so I know you are all wondering why in the world there is a lemon in the cover pictures. Well, let me tell you!

Walking on Sunshine is from the deborah lippmann Summer 2014 80’s Rewind collection. It’s a bright yellow creme, or as deborah lippmann describes it, a lively luminous lemon. Yes, lemon.

I have to say, Walking on Sunshine is really close to lemon yellow. Due to this I expected the formula to be a disaster. It is yellow, after all! I’m happy to report the formula is quite good. I used just two coats in my swatches.

While I adore this color it is sadly terrible for my skintone (sad face). It really brings out the red in my skintone. But I rocked it anyway! Those of you with a warmer skintone and/or a tan; this polish will look awesome on you.

The 80’s Rewind collection is currently available at Sephora. Walking on Sunshine is also available on Amazon.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!

In case you missed it, I reviewed She Drives Me Crazy from this collection last week 🙂


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deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine swatch deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine label

8 thoughts on “deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine

  1. Luv Lippmann, so thanks for searching this one. I could use a yellow that’s not a pastel, but I was hoping it’d be more like the color of a lemon or sunshine… this looks too deep to me to be called either, looks like the color of a yellow raincoat, which is not bad, just not my thing.

    • I agree; Walking on Sunshine is close to lemon yellow but a bit off. It’s so hard to find the perfect yellow polish!

      • Tell me about it! Spent so long hunting for a light yellow that does not streak, finally found RBL Square Pants and BB Couture Piña Colada, fabulous yellows but they are delicate pineapple shades, nowhere near this intense!

  2. Gahhhh – yellow polish And a lemon! *died and gone to (polish) heaven*

  3. It looks so sweet on you, too bad that every lemon sours on me (groan), I love yellows but on my nails even a winner turns out to be a lemon!
    Please forgive me 🙂

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  5. […] yellows aren’t pale. They are instead full color, bold yellows which I personally love. deborah lippmann Walking on Sunshine is a beautiful polish and fits this catagory perfectly. If you have a cooler skintone JulieG Canary […]

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