Essie I’m Addicted

Essie I'm Addicted coverThe 2014 Essie Neons collection (aka the Too Taboo collection) has landed!

I love neon. It took me awhile to get on board with the neon trend but now that I am it seems I can’t get enough neon everything in my life! Whether it be shoes or purses or in this case nail polish.

Due to this I must admit I’m a bit addicted to I’m Addicted.

Essie describes I’m Addicted as a neon aquamarine blue. That is a much fancier description than I would have come up with and it’s spot on.

The nice thing about this particular blue is that even though it’s a neon it’s not crazy bright. I am a lover of eye scorching bright neons, don’t get me wrong. But, these kinds of more subtle neons are also nice. Particularly when we’re not into the summer season just yet.

There is a downside of this polish and it’s the formula. Some neons have a bit of a jelly feel and I’m Addicted is that kind of formula. Due to this 3 coats is absolutely required. And of course, since I’m Addicted is a neon, it dries to that semi matte finish. A shiny top coat is required!

Essie recommends using all their neons over a white base. I did try that with I’m Addicted (there is a swatch of that under the jump) and I don’t think it’s necessary. You get a fuller color but the finished look isn’t worth the 5 coats of polish necessary to get there (2 coats of white + 3 coats of I’m Addicted…yikes!).

The Essie Too Taboo collection is starting to pop up in stores. If you haven’t seen it yet you will be seeing it soon! I’m Addicted is currently available on and Amazon.

There are a slew of swatches under the jump!


Essie I'm Addicted Essie I'm Addicted swatch Essie I'm Addicted sun Essie I'm Addicted label

Over a white base.
Over a white base.


  1. I finally got my hands on this collection Monday! At Kohl’s no less haha I had gotten Too Taboo about 3 weeks ago and it took that long for the rest to be put out. I love all the colors and that polish looks great on you!!

  2. I love this color! I am addicted to any and all neons. What I don’t understand is why the neons that I pick never look as bright as the ones I see everyone else wearing. I’ve done the underwear trick. Am I missing something else? I want the shock! Any suggestions on colors/brands? Thanks

    1. Tomorrow my post is on Pixi Oh So Orange and let me tell you what, it’s an eye scorcher!

      Not all neons are super bright (like this one). I find pinks, yellows and oranges are the brightest.

  3. I’m a huge aqua fan, but kinda surprised that I like this bold “otter pop blue” version of aqua, but I do. If Essie is calling this a neon than who am I to argue, but I agree with you, it’s not crazy bright. I think it’d look great as a spring pedi!

    1. I appreciate that Essie releases some neons that are totally in your face. It gives people a bright color option without being over the top.

  4. I’m Addicted is a really pretty blue on you but it doesn’t look like a neon from the swatches. I’ll take your word for it though! I have to use a white undie for all my pastels and neons. If not, they can be really streaky, even with 3 coats of color.

    1. Neon in nail polish lingo doesn’t necessarily mean super bright….it’s more of a way to describe the formula. I’m Addicted isn’t super bright.

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