deborah lippmann She Drives Me Crazy

deborah lippmann She Drives Me Crazy cover80’s music isn’t really my thing. I’m much more of a 90’s girl. But, I have to admit, the deborah lippmann 80’s Rewind collection is gorgeous. The collection features 6 creme polishes in bright colors; perfect for spring and summer.

She Drives Me Crazy is a bright green leaning teal creme. This color is definitely bright and a statement but I really love these kinds of colors.

The formula was good. When I read the description of this collection deborah lippmann describes these polishes as vivid so I was on the fence whether or not this was going to be a neon formula. I am happy to report it is not. I used two coats in my swatches.

When I had this polish on my nails it felt familiar. I looked through my collection and the closest thing I have to She Drives Me Crazy is butter LONDON Slapper. The two are not dupes as She Drives Me Crazy is a more green teal whereas Slapper has quite a bit of blue in it. But just a heads up in case you have Slapper in your collection.

She Drives Me Crazy is currently available on Amazon and the entire 80’s Rewind collection is currently available at Sephora and these polishes are limited edition.

There is a swatch under the jump. I KNOW! Usually I included a slew of swatches. Well, as with many polishes in this color range it is very hard to get a color accurate swatch. I managed to get one, but only one. So it’s the only swatch I included.


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deborah lippmann She Drives Me Crazy deborah lippmann She Drives Me Crazy label


  1. Yiur nails look great as always, but since In not big on bright creams it looks like I’m gonna be able to save some money and not splurge on yet another DL polish this season… I’m kind of relieved actually, lol.

    1. It really depends on the color and what you’re looking for. I think DL is worth the price if it’s a color that’s unique or a color you know you’re going to wear all the time.

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