OPI Umpires Come Out At Night

OPI Umpires Come Out At Night coverAt this point we are several weeks into the MLB regular season and my baseball fever is kind of out of control. My friends call my house baseball central. There’s a game on every TV. And if there are no games, the MLB Network is on.

So to say the least I’m loving the OPI Fashion Plate collection. When I was wearing this polish I kept going up to people and making them ask what my nail polish was called!

Umpires Come Out At Night is my favorite of the two polishes I’ve tried so far from the Fashion Plate mini set. The set includes 6 or the 7 polishes from the collection (the only polish missing is Right Off The Bat).

OPI describes Umpires Come Out At Night as a deep midnight blue. I’d describe it more as a blackened cobalt creme (think the color of what umpires wear during games…). Whatever description you prefer, this is a gorgeous polish. And the formula is wonderful. I used two coats in my swatches.

I haven’t seen this collection in stores yet (if you have please leave a comment!). Umpires Come Out At Night is available on Amazon. The mini set is available on eBay and Amazon.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


OPI Umpires Come Out At Night OPI Umpires Come Out At Night 2 OPI Umpires Come Out At Night swatch OPI Umpires Come Out At Night MLB


  1. I saw these and got a few at Sally Beauty today! My love for baseball and nail polish knows no bounds, so I’ll definitely be needing to pick up the whole collection eventually! This one is especially lovely…and the name is awesome. 🙂

  2. I just picked some up this evening at Sally’s. They didn’t have Love Athletes In Cleats, Orange You Going To The Game, or Umpires Come Out At Night. Got the others. Really wanted Love Athletes and Orange… Not sold on Umpires; I’ll need to see it in person. (Truth be told, I’m not sold on instant replay!

  3. I have a few of these polishes (7th Inning, Orange, Love Athletes and Diamonds) I passed on this one as I was worried it would be really similar to other blues I have – any dupes that you know of? Looks gorgeous on you!

    1. I haven’t seen anything about this internationally yet. I’m not sure if because this collection is a collaboration with MLB if that means it’ll only be available on the States. I hope not!

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