OPI – Kermit Me to Speak

OPI - Kermit Me to SpeakAnother OPI collection? I can’t keep up! From Gwen to Baseball to Brazil to Muppets, I’m on overload!

The latest – of course – is Muppets Most Wanted… the Soft Shades collection for 2014. I find the collection to be very eclectic- I don’t see a duochrome or royal blue as typical OPI Soft Shades – and there’s nothing soft about shards of glitter. The only two polishes in the whole collection that make me think “soft” are I Love Applause and Int’l Crime Caper.

Kermit Me to Speak is described as a rosy mauve – and that’s what initially drew me to the polish. How can you go wrong? When I started seeing swatches, I was more interested – a gold duochrome? Count me in….

In reality, it took me a while to accept the rosy mauve, but it’s there. Indoors, the gold leans green and the mauve leans purple. I really appreciate that it’s lighter than some recent duo/multi chromes (ex: Peace & Love & OPI). I’ve seen some talk about it being similar to Next Stop…Bikini Zone. While I don’t own both, I’d call them polish cousins.

The application get’s a big thumbs up from me. It dries really quick – like a chrome – and keeps it’s shiny finish. I used two coats and I was squared away. Horray!

So it’s a winner in my book – but whoever decided this would be Kermit’s namesake polish must’ve been on drugs. Kermit should be a green Liquid Sand or something more like Just Spotted the Lizard. I totally see this as a Miss Piggy polish.

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OPI - Kermit (Muppets Most Wanted)

OPI - Kermit Me to Speak

The Daily Varnish: OPI - Kermit Me To Speak

The Daily Varnish: OPI - Kermit me to speak



  1. Sorry, Katie, but OPI will never again make a duochrome polish as beautiful as Not Like The Movies… Hope they prove me wrong one of these days! 😉

  2. I love that they are including duochromes again. THis one reminds me a lot of LIppmann Sugar Daddy. Similar idea, maybe a deeper version. I miss the days of old when OPI had rocking collections filled with duochromes. Oh, those black label days of old! You are right, the Fresh Frog of bel Air was at least a green polish. They really could do something with all the colors the Muppets represent, but the 2 muppet collections so far are not really representative of typical Muppet color associations.

  3. Honestly I am a little disappointed with this collection. They’re perfectly nice polishes on their own, but . . . uninspired, I guess is the word I’m looking for? They certainly don’t remind me of the Muppets at all. I’d love to see them do something more out-there with a Muppets collection, maybe even fuzzy textures (or are those too passé already?)

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