OPI – You Glitter Be Good To Me

OPI - You Glitter Be Good CollageI had every intention of showing you Essie’s Romper Room today. But, well, when I woke up yesterday I had… I had…. ugh I’ll just say it. I had bed nails. Not only did I have bed nails, but it began to rain and some suspiciously thick drops resembling snow began to fall. There was only one clear remedy: GLITTER.

Alli sent me You Glitter Be Good To Me months ago. Possibly many months ago. YGBGTM….whoa that’s a terrible acronym. Let’s start over. You Glitter Be Good To Me was originally released in 2012 as half of the Pink of Hearts Duo. It’s the perfect Katie glitter if there ever was one: small light pink glitter and larger magenta/fuchsia hex glitter in a clear base. YIPPIE! How fun and it looks so lovely over Romper Room.

I just used one quick coat on each nail and voila! Glitter distribution was great, I didn’t have to fish, dab, poke, slide, or whatever it is we do to make glitter look perfect. My biggest complaint is a really wonky brush (picture below). It was crooked and just.. not good. I wouldn’t be able to deal with it if the polish required precision, but it since it’s glitter, I suppose it’s okay…. sort of.

Luckily this polish is still available on eBay with its partner in crime I Think in Pink. Horray! Be sure to check out the pictures below!



OPI - You Glitter Be Good 3

OPI - You Glitter Be Good To Me Label

OPI - You Glitter Be Good To Me

OPI - You Glitter Be Good Brush

OPI - You Glitter Be Good To Me 2




  1. This duo was in my list until I saw them in person… But magenta is a no-no in my stash and I already have too many pink polishes! The glitter is perfect to repair bed nails, though. 😉

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