Essie Resort Fling

Essie Resort Fling coverIt’s taken me awhile but I finally got around to trying the last of the 4 polishes from Essie’s 2014 Resort collection. I dragged my feet on this one simply because the weather here in Charlotte hasn’t been very spring-like. And while I’m not one for color rules, per se, I still don’t like wearing pastel polishes when it’s snowing outside!

Essie describes Resort Fling as a peachy coral. I never would have thought to describe this polish as coral. To me Resort Fling is a pastel orange jelly. The color is very soft and the jelly finish of this polish adds to that. It definitely reminded me of sherbet! And Essie Tart Deco.

Sadly, this color is not great on me (though I rocked it at Taco Bell none the less!). I do think it will look so beautiful on those of you who have a warmer skintone.

Now about the formula. Oh Essie. Sometimes you frustrate me so much! To get a (mostly) opaque finish with this polish I needed 4 coats. I understand this is a jelly and generally jelly finish polishes require more coats. But 4 is a bit much. And as if that wasn’t enough, because I needed 4 coats, this polish kind of peeled off my nails. Not really a pleasant experience.

I’m so disappointed in this polish! I really loved Find Me An Oasis and Under the Twilight from this collection and Katie adored Cocktails & Coconuts. There’s always one!

The Essie 2014 Resort collection is currently in stores. This collection is available online at and the mini set (which includes all 4 polishes from this collection) is available on Amazon and

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Essie Resort Fling Essie Resort Fling swatch Essie Resort Fling MACRO Essie Resort Fling 2 Essie Resort Fling label


  1. I’m so glad I don’t like this colour, no danger I would be wasting money on this polish… Yesterday I applied (for the first time!) OPI You’re Such a Budapest and even if I love the colour I was not happy that it required three coats. If ever a polish requires four coats, it’s going right to the bin!

  2. awww. too bad. It is such a pretty color. and the Essie Art collection is one of my faves- maybe I should hunt down Tart Deco instead. thanks for the warning and the great photos. LOVE your sherbet and polish shot!

  3. Pretty color but the fact that it took four coats does not surprise me, as Essie is the only polish I really avoid now due to major issues with their formula, nine times out of ten! Frustrating that even $2 Ulta polishes have a consistently decent formula and Essie is so hit or miss. This color reminds me of Starfish Patrick, an RBL jelly I just got and can’t wait to try. Always luv the RBL formula, pricey but worth it.

    1. Maybe 5 years ago I would have agreed with you. But they’ve come along way formula wise. Now I’d say 9 times out of 10 their formula is great!

      1. It’s possible that they’ve improved the formula in recent years and I just haven’t noticed, since I’ve been avoiding Essie for many years… did recently take a chance on Mademoiselle and Marshmallow though, when Essie was on sale at Ulta… Mademoiselle was awesome, but Marshmallow was streaky mess… took it back for a refund and got OPI’s “Don’t Touch my Tutu” which is also a sheer white, but a much sleeker formula, no streaks.

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