Sinful Colors Starry Night

SinfulColors Starry Night coverY’all. It has been OVER A YEAR since I last did a post on a polish from SinfulColors. That is CRAZY to me!

SinfulColors is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Unfortunately, it’s not a brand that is carried at my normal CVS. So if I want to get my hands on polishes from Sinful Colors I have to make a special trip to Walgreens. Which is exactly how I ended up with this polish!

A couple of weeks ago Walgreens was having one of their $.99 SinfulColors sales. I’ve really been wanting to try the new SinfulShine line so I headed to Walgreens and while I did pick up a SinfulShine polish I of course also ended up with a couple polishes from the regular SinfulColors line. To say the lease my little mini haul was quite diverse.

Starry Night is a black jelly packed with holographic glitter and gold flecks. Think a better version of Orly Androgynie.

The formula is about as good as you can expect for a polish like this. I did need three coats to get an opaque base but each coat adds depth to the polish. While Starry Night could easily be used as a top coat the depth would be lost.

What really impresses me about this polish is how holographic the glitter is. Even in indoor lighting the holographic glitter stands out. That being said, as with all holographic glitter, it really comes out in the sun. Don’t believe me? Check out this blurrybutshowsofftheglitter picture I posted on Instagram!

There are a ton of swatches under the jump! Including a couple of pictures in sunlight 🙂

I find that Walgreens has the best SinfulColors selection. Starry Night was new to the line about a year ago but seems to have made its way into the permanent line.



SinfulColors Starry Night SinfulColors Starry Night swatch SinfulColors Starry Night MACRO SinfulColors Starry Night label Sinful Colors Starry Night SinfulColors Starry Night sun Sinful Colors Starry Night sun Sinful Colors Starry Night swatch


  1. Not only I’ll never see this polish here, the SC I can get cost from 5 to 6 Euros – needless to say, *each*! For shame! ;(

  2. I have “I miss you”, very similar to this, but in a jelly purple base, I haven’t used it on it’s own, only as top coat, now I see what I’missing… thanks!

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