JulieG Romeo (+ Jesse’s Girl & Juliet!)

JulieG Romeo and Jesse's Girl & JulietSeriously, how could ANYONE resist a nail polish and lipstick combo called Romeo & Juliet!? I realize the answer to that question is most people but I am not one of those people!

This nail polish and lipstick duo is part of  the JulieG and Jesse’s Girl collaboration collection The Perfect Pair. When I saw the display at Rite Aid I of course ended up with all 3 duos.

The Romeo and Juliet duo is the most red of the three duos and therefore the darkest.

Romeo, the nail polish from the duo, is a red leaning coral with yellow undertones that has super subtle shimmer. The shimmer is really not noticeable to the naked eye though you can see it in the macro shot under the jump.

The formula was good. I used 2 swatches in my swatches.

In my post on the Fred & Ginger duo I went into an in depth review of the lipstick. My thoughts on Ginger are the same as my thoughts on Juliet when it comes to the formula and packaging. In regards to the actual color, it’s not the most flattering color lipstick. Because of the yellow undertones it can make your teeth look a bit yellow. You can see a picture of me wearing Juliet over on TDV Instagram.

Overall, I definitely like the Fred & Ginger duo better. Ginger has become one of my go to lipsticks. That being said, I think the Romeo & Juliet duo would be gorgeous on those with warm or olive skintones.

There are swatches under the jump!


JulieG Romeo JulieG Romeo swatch JulieG Romeo MACRO Jesse's Girl & Juliet


  1. I just peeked on Instagram. Maybe it’s just me, but I really like both the lip and nail color on you! So pretty!

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