Perfect Pair Prestige Wonder Gloss Frost & Ruby Wing FestivalThis is hopefully my last winter weather inspired manicure of the year!

Charlotte has gotten more than her fair share of snow this winter. The last bout I was stuck in my house for a couple of days. And while I’m thankful I didn’t lose power and it was only a couple of days I did start to go a little stir crazy. Good thing there’s an easy solution to stir crazyness; a fun mani!

My intent with this manicure was to make it look icy. I started with Prestige Wonder Gloss in Frost as my base. I then used Ruby Wing Festival and applied glitter to the tip of the nail and had the glitter fade towards the middle of the nail.

I really loved the combination of these two polishes. I’ve used Festival in a similar way to this previously with PISTOL polish Like A Boss and the glitter just looks great over metallic polishes.

Well. Now that I’ve shared this manicure I think it’s officially time for spring.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


Prestige Frost and Ruby Wing Festival Ruby Wing Festival and Prestige Frost Prestige Wonder Gloss Frost & Ruby Wing Festival Prestige Frost and Ruby Wing Festival swatch Prestige Frost and Ruby Wing Festival MACRO

  1. Cookie says:

    This is such a pretty look. Would be perfect for New Year’s Eve! I don’t have the Prestige polish but I do have Zoya Trixie. Definitely gonna get my hands on that Ruby Wing Festival!

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