Kiko- Cornflower (339)

KIKO Cornflower All of the snow is finally gone! I can feel Spring just around the corner – we can just ignore the chance of snow for Tuesday and Wednesday. This weekend was absolutely beautiful in Richmond, and so I wanted to wear a fun spring color on my nails. I chose Kiko Nail Lacquer 339.

I was so lucky to have received this polish in a swap with a wonderful TDV follower- and now friend- that lives in Paris. Check out my goodies! I need to retake that picture, it’s not entirely color accurate, but I was just so excited I had to Instagram it right away.  I’m still working on her package, but I’ll show off the goods once she receives them. Are there any specific brands or polishes you think I should include!?

Kiko 339 is aptly named… Cornflower, which is the description I’d planned on before looking up its name. Actually, I was oscillating between cornflower and periwinkle, but I digress…. Kiko 339 is a  lovely blue with just a dash of purple. The application was really fantastic. I used three coats and they applied SO nicely. The brush is wider than most which I most definitely prefer.

KIKO MAKE UP MILANO can be found in Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, England, Austria, Switzerland and at If you’re itching to try this brand, a quick eBay search pops up more than a handful of options for you. However, if you’re just seeking out a similar look, check out the related posts below.

Fun Fact: The cornflower Crayola crayon was always my favorite.

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Kiko - Cornflower


KIKO - Cornflower

Kiko - Cornflower Bottle

Kiko 339 Cornflower

Kiko - Cornflower

Kiko - Cornflower

Kiko Bag


  1. Love it, although it looks too close to Secret Peri-Winkle to justify getting it. May it’s a little lighter? 🙂 Love those soft blues.

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