Essie Find Me An Oasis

Essie Find Me An Oasis CoverEvery year I look forward to the Essie Resort collection. It comes out at the end of January/early February when winter is dragging on and the weather is dreary. Being that it’s a resort collection generally the colors anything but dreary. The 2014 Resort collection is no exception.

Find Me An Oasis is an almost white pale blue creme. Or an ice blue, as Essie is calling it (appropriate since I used this as the base for my Snow Day manicure!).  The color is lovely and soft yet still very flattering. And the formula, for a color this light, isn’t bad. It’s a definitely three coater but the formula is not runny or difficult to work with.

I love pale blue polishes and I have quite a few in my collection. This has more white  than any of the other pale blues that I own. That being said, Julep Jessica and Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams are similar and are not dupes but are close.

The name of this polish is quite appropriate as I could definitely use an oasis! It actually snowed in Charlotte last night and this morning (this happens almost never…) so the entire city shut down. It might be safe to say I went a bit stir crazy after I had my encounter with a deer. Ah, winter in the South! But I’ll take it over Ohio winters any day.

The Essie 2014 Resort collection should be popping up in stores soon (if not already). In the meantime, Find Me An Oasis is available on Amazon and The mini set (which includes all 4 polishes from this collection) is also available on Amazon and

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


Essie Find Me An Oasis Essie Find Me An Oasis swatch Essie Find Me An Oasis 2 Essie Find Me An Oasis label


  1. Gorgeous shade! It’s unusual to find a blue that’s almost white, unless it’s a cool grayish blue. This one seems to have just a tinge of warmth (green) to it, which might make it work better with my warm skin tone. Might have to get this one!

  2. Is it a jelly? Like another Essie, Marshmallow? A jelly this color would make for a great Easter Egg candy mani!

    We’ve heard about the snow and cold in the southern U.S. I hope you’re safe and warm. Hugs from Maritime Canada!

    1. I think a jelly equivalent would be “bikini bottom” by Rescue Beauty Lounge, a polish I own but haven’t tried yet. Can’t wait to try it this Spring, the swatches are amazing.

  3. Ok, need to revise my opinion that this ultra-pale blue looked to have a tiny tinge of green … that was just wishful thinking, since my skin tone is warm, ha ha… I checked it out in person today… it’s a straight up whited-out baby blue, no green… but then I spied SpaRitual’s “Delight” and it was love at first sight… it’s not as pale as “Oasis” but still paler than any blue-green I own. Sooo lovely… if you like pales, it’s worth a look!

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