Nail Art: Super Bowl Mani Ideas!

Super Bowl Nail Art coverSuper Bowl Sunday is this weekend! While I’m much more of a college football fan and my NFL team didn’t make it this year (Panthers 🙁 ) I’m still excited for the game. It’s a cultural event, after all. And those commercials!

But let’s be honest, the reason I really look forward to the Super Bowl is it’s an excuse to wear some fun, event related nail art.

Below the jump you will find all kinds of football related nail art as well as a manicure for both the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

If you want even more Super Bowl manicure inspiration check out my Super Bowl post from last year 🙂


Leather Football Nails 2

Leather Football Nails: This might be my favorite of any of these manicure. I used OPI Black Shatter to make the footballs look like they have a leather finish. Just like real footballs! For a tutorial on this manicure click here.

Football Field Nails

Football Field Nails: If having a football on every nail is a bit much for you there’s an easy solution to that! Turn the rest of your nails into a football field. All you need for this is a green and white polish (I used Essie Mojito Madness and Ulta Snow White) and a nail art brush. Don’t forget to make the thumb the 50 yard line! If you’re feeling really adventurous you could even make your nails look like astroturf….

Denver Broncos Nail Art

Denver Broncos Waterfall Manicure: I haven’t done many waterfall manicure but I have to say, I love the way they look!

Denver’s colors are orange, navy and white. I love the way the colors look together. But of course I had to add some glitter! But just a little. I think the silver glitter adds something special to this manicure. For a full how to on how to do this manicure click here.

Seattle Seahawks Nail Art

Seattle Seahawks Polka Dot Fade Manicure: Honestly, I never thought the Seattle Seahawks colors were particularly….pleasing. But I quite like how I used the colors in this manicure.

Just a quick tip: If you are using a neon polish (the green in my case) to do polka dots but down white polka dots first so the color will really pop 🙂

Polishes used: China Glaze Pelican Gray, butter LONDON Royal Navy, wet n wild Nerd Alert: Screech, Ulta Snow White, OPI Black Shatter, Barielle Tight Knit

Seattle Seahawks Manicure

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