Nailspiration Betsey Johnson Gena Spike Pump coverI love shoes. Like nail polish, I truly believe there is no such thing as too many shoes. It’s just not possible!

Over the years I have done manicures inspired by shoes ranging from a pair of Miu Miu slingbacks to Missoni for Target suede pumps. It’s a nice way to merge 2 of my favorite things.

This manicure came about for a Saturday night date night. I was wearing an all black outfit which for me is a tad bit boring. I decided to pair it with a relatively new addition to my shoe wardrobe. And me being me it only followed that I do a matching manicure!

For the base of the manicure I used Revlon Urban then I added “spikes” (aka polka dots) just at the base of the manicure using one of my DIY dotting tools and OPI Push and Shove. I actually quite liked the result and it reminded me of the Essie Sleek Stick in Over the Moon (just without all the issues!).

Realistically, I’m the ONLY one that knew my manicure matched my shoes. But it kind of made my day 🙂

There are swatches under the jump!

I can’t find the cobalt version of these shoes anywhere (though I did pin a picture if you want a better look), but these shoes are available on Amazon in red.


OPI Push and Shove and Revlon Urban Revlon Urban and OPI Push and Shove Revlon Urban and OPI Push and Shove swatch OPI Push and Shove and Revlon Urban swatch


What do you think?